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A firm favourite from every retreat since superfood snack queen Lucy Hill introduced it to me; this chocolate tahini is equally at home on toast, spooned over porridge or even turned into a sneaky chocolate milkshake. It is so quick to make and so open to adaptation that writing down feels almost limiting, so please interpret these instructions loosely! You don't even really need a blender you can just mix enthusiastically by hand.


120g light tahini (I particularly love Belazu)

20g cocoa/cacao (if making for small children avoid cacao as it is so stimulating - you have been warned!)

20-40g maple, depending on your prefernces

A big pinch of flakey sea salt

Water, by eye, it will depend on your tahini - start with 50g and add slowly

Optional - maca or carob both work brilliantly here. Adding shelled hemp at the beginning will really boost the protein if your blender is powerful.


Add everything to a blender/food processor and blend until smooth. The water will initially make it look as if the tahini is seizing and its all gone wrong but keep the faith! It will suddenly go silky smooth and delicious. Taste and adjust the sweetness as desired - I like to keep it pretty dark rather than overly sweet.

After you have scraped the spread into a bowl, pour a mug of boiling water into the blender, turn it back on, and you will have simultaneously washed the blades and made yourself a tasty chocolate drink. 

Chocolate Tahini Spread: Recipes
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