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A reset doesn't need to mean deprivation - I love to nourish both body and soul with vibrant, flavour packed, indulgently delicious food (that happens to be deeply nutritious). 
Whether its a long weekend in Devon or two weeks in Ibiza, let me take care of all your edible needs. Each retreat’s menu is uniquely designed with your preferences and intentions in mind.

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With extensive experience catering parties of all sizes in London and beyond, I can design a menu to suit the vibe you are after; from sharing platters for your mates to gorge on, to the daintiest canapés what won’t drip down your best dress! Whatever the mood, expect abundance, care and colour.


Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of raw vegan desserts or just want to reinvigorate your weeknight menus, I can tailor a class for you or a group to give you a fresh arsenal of skills and ideas to go home and play with.

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Working with seasonality and sustainability in mind I can overhaul your menus and leave you with a clear framework of how to continue. I can also thoroughly test and develop recipes to either showcase a specific product or focus on a certain dietary need.

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